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Top Best hosting for WordPress Blogs 2019

marzo 25, 2019
Best Hosting for Wordpress Blogs 2019

Finding the best Hosting for WordPress blogs or your website is essential for SEO

How will I do the analysis of each for best hosting for wordpress blogs?

For the detailed analysis of each of these hostings I will do tests of speed and performance and I will show you the results so that you can choose the best hosting for wordpress blogs.

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The measurements I have made are real tests on 3 similar hosting packages in each of the best hosting companies specializing in hosting for wordpress blogs.

Choosing the best server for WordPress is essential for the success of your project

it is essential that you take into account the importance of a good hosting service for the success of your web project. For this reason, I do not recommend hostings that are too cheap because they are full of problems, they are slow and offer poor support.

At the moment of truth, these aspects are very decisive and you will be glad to have invested a little bit more in your hosting in exchange for security, support, performance and positioning.

Why is it so important to choose the best hosting for wordpress blogs?

Choosing the best hosting (as well as the domain) is very important if you work in WordPress. Hosting is what makes your website available to everyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, the decision to select the best hosting is crucial to achieve your goals.

Your web page has to load fast and it has to work well at all times, without drops or security problems. The success of your project may depend on this. A web in a fast hosting offers better user experience and benefits your positioning in Google.

What are the three main criteria when choosing the best hosting for wordpress blogs or Website?

  1. Performance and speed for user experience and SEO

    Very important. A good hosting for wordpress blogs will serve your web quickly so that users can see it immediately, without unnecessary waiting. In addition, loading speed is an important factor of SEO nowadays. Google likes websites that load fast and without problems.

    Therefore, a fast hosting will help you to position better and you will obtain more success and profitability in your project thanks to SEO. In the analysis below I will make a detailed study of the speed of the selected hostings.

  2. Seguridad para evitar ataques y vulnerabilidades

    WordPress websites, which means that the threat to sites developed under this technology grows.

    A secure hosting has filters and detection systems that will prevent attacks of all kinds. In this way, your content and your business will be safe on the internet.

  3. Support to solve any problem easily

    Another essential aspect when assessing the quality of a hosting. A good support service is very valuable, especially when you have doubts or specific problems.

    Quality hostings have experts attending to your needs, and they will fix everything you need quickly and effectively.

    Believe me, when you need it, we appreciate having professionals to help you.

  4. Automatic optimization, backup, security, installation of WordPress in one click

    It is wonderful to have automatic backup services so that your website is safe and you can restore it in case of problems.

    There are also very beneficial services such as advanced caching systems to improve performance, automatic image optimization, migrations in one click, security filters, installation of WordPress in one click, possibility of doing more than one website in the same hosting, etc.

    The hostings that I will compare in the following advanced analysis have these features and many more, that’s why they are the 3 best hostings for WordPress, according to my experience.

    But … Of all of them, what will be the best WordPress hosting you can choose to host your website and guarantee the success of your web project? Keep reading and you will know the results.

What is a Hosting, server or web hosting?

A hosting (or web hosting) is a server on which your website is hosted, so that it is available to everyone at all times.

There are several types of hostings: there are shared hostings, VPS and dedicated servers.

For simple web pages the shared hostings are usually enough.

In this article I will write about the shared hosting plans of these companies (although they also offer other plans for more advanced projects).

In this web page that you are reading thanks to the fact that it is well positioned in Google, I use an Optimized VPS Hosting service from Raiola Networks, which gives me that plus I need speed, performance and support.

However, the other options are also very good and offer similar plans if you need it.

What is a WordPress Hosting and why is it important to be specialized for WordPress?

A WordPress hosting is a hosting that supports the WordPress CMS system.

In addition to this, a good WordPress hosting offers perfect performance and specifications for the operation of CMS, and not all hostings give this good performance for WordPress, although they say so in their advertising.

To host WordPress you will need PHP and a MySQL database. The three companies that I will analyze in this article offer a specific service to host WordPress.

They also offer an easy and quick WordPress installation system from their control panels with just a few clicks, which saves you the cumbersome process of uploading files, creating databases, users, privileges, editing the wp-config.php file, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about the installation of WordPress, you can read this guide on how to make a web page with WordPress. The entire process is well explained in this guide.

You can also read my article on how to install WordPress quickly and easily.

And now, I will review each of the three servers for WordPress that I consider best to work on professional projects, which I affiliate with this article since I put my hand in the fire for them given their quality. We begin:

What is the best Hosting for WordPress blogs 2019?

1- Siteground

It has about 200,000 domains and has been on the market since 2004.

Among the main features we have a one-click installer and free migration, only that do not include domain transfer or email accounts.

In addition, all of its plans include automatic WordPress updates and allow it to be managed by WP-CLI commands. Domain names are free and unlimited email accounts, with no limits for the database.


best hosting for wordpress blogs Siteground

They mainly concentrate on the speed of your server, ensuring that your speed is powered by a SuperCacher to provide unmatched speed in the market. In addition, they have a trial mode and Git integration in several of their plans.

The prices of your plans start at € 3.95 per month for web hosting in your basic plan and up to € 11.95 per month for the most advanced plan (WordPress hosting).

For its part, dedicated hosting plans start at € 179 per month and can reach up to € 336 per month for more professional services.

There are regularly discounts for new customers on their first payment, according to the service you hire. In addition, it has several individual improvements that you can include in the plan you hire.

It is a specialized WordPress hosting, so it is also convenient to take them into account when looking for a hosting for your website.

The technical service is also quite good as they ensure a first response by the ticket service in just 10 minutes, and immediate response through the chat and telephone line.

Siteground uses technology that ensures a fast and secure web, they use SSD in all their plans and the option of automatic compression, if you need it.

The SSL certificate is free as well as automatic updates; they claim to have the most stable platform on the market and their own security standards.

This company is characterized for being specially designed for WordPress clients so they are constantly doing high quality webinars, with themes such as SEO positioning, speed optimizations, and others.

The option to optimize hosting is quite extensive in Siteground, they have many tools that you can learn to use in your own tutorials, in case you need them.

On the other hand, they have servers around the world and allow you to choose the country where you want to host your website, so as not to negatively affect your search engine ranking. However, they do not have servers in Spain.

As for your uptime period, they offer a 99.9% guarantee. They promise to return part of your quota in case it is less than promised.

Backup copies are daily and, with some plans, allow you to manage your backups directly. In addition, they also promise to return the money for a period of 30 days if you are not satisfied with the service they promise.

As if all this were not enough, in terms of web space they tend to offer more gigs than their competitors.

One of the best options that Siteground has is that they allow you to manage the performance of your website. Which lets you know exactly how the page works.

From the memory used, to the current consumption. In this way, it is easier to carry out the relevant actions, if you have some knowledge on the subject.

In addition, the Account Stats system allows you to observe many interesting statistics.

Undoubtedly, a great hosting for WordPress at a very good price.

2 – Raiola Networks

Raiola Networks offers more than 500 types of domains and also, if you register a .es domain, they give it to you for free along with your hosting account with hosting space.

SSL certificates cost from € 19.95 per year, up to € 179.95 per year for an EV SSL certificate.

The SSD hosting plans cost from € 5.95 per month up to € 11.95 per month for a more advanced plan, with 30 GB of storage.


Best hosting for wordpress blogs Raiola Networks

On the other hand, the VPS SSD servers or private virtual servers are stored on a physical server, so they work as a stand-alone server for your exclusive use, offering you an excellent response capacity and, therefore, greater control of your data. .

I recommend them for those sites that expect great traffic and a higher loading speed. Plans of this type are priced from € 9.95 per month, up to € 15.95 per month, depending on the individual needs of each website.

Dedicated servers offer the greatest power in terms of servers. These are exclusive and very powerful servers, so their cost is higher.

They offer many more customization tools and their improvement depends almost exclusively on your budget.

Raiola Networks offers an impressive variety of dedicated servers

With many extras included in the service such as DDOS and firewall protection, optimization and personalized advice.

One of the advantages of choosing Raiola as your hosting company is that they have the capacity to take charge of the administration of your hosting, either total or partial.

Among the global services offered are server monitoring, backups, maintenance and support, optimization, updates, changes and changes in configuration, protection and availability of contact 24 hours a day.

WordPress being the most versatile and most famous tool, this company offers a series of services dedicated exclusively to users who opt for this plan, in order to maintain the installation with the most efficient performance possible and working as it should.

The services include discounts for using the hosting service and services. Services that include:

Optimize WordPress to increase the loading speed and reduce the consumption of CMS resources on the server.

Disinfection of WordPress to clean the installations and to eliminate Malware or another vulnerability of which it has registry.

Improvement of PageSpeed ​​that includes review and audit of key points to improve Google’s score in this category.

WordPress Security, a service that offers a complete revision and configuration of WordPress to ensure against malicious hackers and bots.

WordPress plugin audit to ensure that these tools are safe, have good performance and technical feasibility.

The hiring of these services is done in a personalized way so it is necessary to contact the provider for an offer for your particular website.

If you already have a hosting company and would like to switch to Raiola Networks, the process is much simpler than it seems. Raiola has a migration service that offers advice on this subject, including technical advice, without counting that the process is very fast compared to other providers.

In addition, they have a monetization program for their clients between 25% and 20% depending on the service contracted through marketing affiliations.

In short, an excellent WordPress hosting with premium performance and an unbeatable support service that helps you at all times.

3 – Webempresa

Webempresa is another of the most popular companies among users who want to develop a website and one of the most chosen options by web development professionals.

Among the main features of this company we have that its banner is the customer’s attention, because they boast of having one of the best technical support services, available 24 hours a day.


Due to my own experience in many web projects, the support service is really good: they solve any doubt or problem in minutes, with real involvement on the part of their agents.

This is priceless. In addition, Webempresa is the hosting that we recommend in the WordPress Course that we do in Aula CM, in which the students make their own web in a practical way.

Another key aspect is its speed: it is a really fast hosting and that is an advantage to position in Google, that is, it is one of the best hostings to optimize the SEO of your website.

They assemble equipment of enormous quality, which is a guarantee of good performance.

This provider is supported by its 36,307 customers, «Happy and happy,» according to its website.

It offers 8 different hosting plans to better suit the needs of each client and their prices are between $ 79 per year and $ 250 per year.

In addition, they are offering a 20% discount on all their plans, from the most basic to the most advanced.

One of the advantages they offer is a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all their plans, that is, the websites hosted on these servers are online practically all the time and this is possible thanks to the quality of the equipment they use, which claim to be the best in the market.

SSL certificates are free, they also offer unlimited WordPress installations and the monthly transfer has no limit for the number of visits.

In addition, they have a 100% money back guarantee for the amount paid during the first 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the service, although this is unlikely due to its quality and performance.

This shows that they are really sure of the quality of their service.

Another super interesting detail is that they offer backups and backups every 4 hours, which is life insurance in the event that you accidentally lose your content or make a serious error, being able to re-establish the website on the day that you want through a calendar.

More highlights: special anti-hacking measures and free image optimization to get high scores on Google using the IMG Optimizer tool, a very effective application that saves hours of optimized images.

As if all this were not enough, they also offer advice to install the HTTPS certificate, crucial to improve the security of your site.

In addition, the migration service is totally free with the contract of a plan and they do it to you in a few minutes, with which you will save yourself having to migrate your web by hand, which is sometimes a very complicated and full process. possible failures.

Security is one of the priorities for Webempresa, given the immense variety of services they offer to ensure this point.

In addition, these measures undoubtedly exceed the measures of competition, starting with the incredible period of support in all its plans.

As Webempresa knows the popularity of WordPress has dedicated specialized servers and safe for users, with configurations optimized for WordPress.

On the other hand, not all servers are located in Spain and do not offer the ability to decide where to host your servers, although they more than compensate for it through optimal performance.

Finally, if you are one of those users with little technical knowledge in the matter, the service provided by Webempresa is definitely the most appropriate for you.

Webempresa devotes a large part of its staff to individual consultancies for each of their clients’ concerns, in addition to providing almost immediate support to their requests.

Beyond that, the company has focused on strengthening its approach to the market of the inexperienced in the area, highlighting its excellent strategy of positioning value content on the Internet.

In terms of price, the costs of this provider tend to be slightly higher than its competitors.

A point that can play against the first, although many users prefer to pay a little more for the peace of mind offered in terms of security against attacks, multiple daily backups, technical support and impressive uptime.